Join Us on Facebook Live each Wednesday at 1 pm!

Join Us on Facebook Live each Wednesday at 1 pm!

Don't forget our Facebook Live each Wednesday at 1 pm. Since a lot of you are not comfortable milling about with other customers just yet, we want to take this opportunity to show you the new things in the shop, gift items for birthdays, retreats and Christmas is only 3 months away. HOLY COW!!!

We have moved to a new platform to make it easier for you to buy and pay for our items. There will be a link on our Facebook page as we go Live. Each item we show you LIVE will have a code that you type in with the word BUY Code. The code will depend on the item you wish to purchase. Once you've typed in a code, click on the link at the top of the presentation and this will place that item in your cart.

Once you are done with you purchasing, click on the link again to take you to your cart. You will pay through Paypal. You do not have to have an account with Paypal or register for an account. This will make it easier than trying to run everyone down and you'll know immediately if you were able to get the items you wanted.

There is a caviot which is stated when you go to your cart. DO NOT abandon your cart. If you decide you do not want an item simply click on remove below the item. You have 60 minutes to pay for your items once your have finished buying. If you abandon your cart 5 times then you will no longer be able to participate.

Once the presentation is over click on the link and you will see all the times available for purchase.

We hope you enjoy this time with us. If you saw our test on Friday, we do have a lot of fun!

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